Hey! I’m Candace Metoyer (that’s Muh-twhy-er, I won’t get mad if you mispronounce it). I recently graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication: New Media Design.

For me, design is about relationships and problem solving. Not only relationships between design elements, but those relationships formed with clients as well. I enjoy working with people and ideas, design allows me to do both. I approach design problems whole heartedly and thoughtfully. My attention to detail and organizational skills shape each project. I am also personable and work well with others to achieve design needs.

I’m a learner. I’ve always prided myself on schoolwork and will take any opportunity to learn a new skill. Design always provides an avenue for learning. Whether it be gaining a new skill by working on a design project or learning about something unrelated to design by working for a client.

I love to travel, drink coffee and enjoy the simple things in life. Currently, I live in Louisiana with my cat, Lily (who runs the roost).

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